Reiki Treatments

Reiki, also referred to as the healing life force energy, flows through a Reiki practitioner during the Attunement process in the Reiki training course. Once the Reiki student has been attuned, he or she can carry out the Reiki treatment process. The life energy moves through the practitioners during their healing act, to client people and animals, and to situations and objects. Thus Reiki treatments can be implemented on anything alive. When the Reiki master provides the Reiki treatment, he often places his hands in different positions over the client’s body.

Benefits of Reiki Treatment:

Though Reiki was initiated in the 1940s for the Buddhists in Japan, followed by China and Tibet, yet with the success rate climbing high, this became a wide spread process of treatment. Today, Reiki is used as a method of healing both minor and serious illness and reducing the stress through a process of light touch or by placing hands near or above the body in specific positions. This technique can correct the energy imbalances in the body, thus restoring a person’s energy level and improving his health.

Training courses for Reiki:

Reiki Treatment is in practice even in London and people are facing highly beneficial effects due to this healing process. Many people are thus gaining interest towards this way of healing and joining centres which provide Reiki training courses. These centres helping with Reiki training courses in London look at health and wellness in a holistic way. They focus on Reiki Training along with other alterative therapy techniques to train and teach their students.

Professional Reiki classes help in expanding the knowledge before practising for self care or on friends and families, along with pets and other animals.

Reiki training has four levels, starting from Level A till the Masters Level, each level extending for there to four weeks and the cost is quite reasonable. Attunement process takes place during the initial classes itself and the rest of the classes are used to practice the healing and gain expertise in the same.

There are options for online courses as well, for interested people who cannot make to the classes physical for some reason or the other.

Initial appointment lasts 90 mins and costs £60 (this includes 30 mins consultation)

Subsequent treatments last 60 mins and cost £60

One treatment Two treatments Four treatments Ten treatments
£60 £115 £220 £500


Reiki Courses

Reiki level one Reiki level two Reiki level one and two Reiki level three(masters)
£199 £299 £449 £519


Reiki workshops are a great way to meet students on the same level as you. Its also an opportunity to practice the symbols you learnt on level two and three.
Reiki workshop dates
February 11th Reiki two workshop
March 10th Reiki One workshop.
All workshops cost £25, timings are from 5 till 9pm and this includes a vegetarian meal
Please note that a 50% deposit is required to secure your place on the course. The deposits are non refundable and may be used on further courses or treatments. A minimum of 14 days notice is required if you wish to cancel your place on any of our courses. If your notice is within the 14 day period you risk loosing your deposit.
Cancellation policy for treatments
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at the full rate

*concessions are available if you are elderly or unemployed please contact me to discuss.